Taking international trends for Indian beauty Greyon Cosmetics has some amazing must haves one can carry and create a vibrant and elegant makeup look.
—Richa Pokhriyal

Greyon Beauty Products are great. I absolutely love their kajal, mascara and eyelinercombo which is amazing, love the way it was delivered to me in a great looking box. Also, i am in love with their liquid lip colors and moisturizing lipsticks - so hydrating and bright. I highly recommend Greyon Products.
—Radhika Duggal

Greyon offer excellent combo products which are thoughtfully crafted and very cost effective. We get so many things in one combo for multiple uses. I love the Greyon Gift Box, Eyes and Lips combos and offers like Beauty at work - lot of variety. I always look forward for their upcoming products and combos.
—Priyanka Anand

Add Glamour to your flawless look, Greyon products can help nail every mood and occasion. Loved the shades and quality of the lipsticks, Eye products and Lip Glosses.
—Swati Srivastava

I love the range of colors in the premium matte liquid lip color. I ordered the 'Matte Luxury' promotional offer and got all shades of the lip color! Can't tell you how amazing each one is! There are vibrant pinks and reds plus earthy browns and rusts. I wear a new shade every day of the week and my friends are going gaga about them!
—Aarti Luthra

After a long period of lockdown I'm back to work, my colleagues can't stop gushing about the way something has changed about me! What's changed is that I ordered the 'Beauty At Work' offer and got Greyon's amazing Eye Liner, Mascara, and that luscious moisturizing lipstick in Salmon Pink. Who knew dressing up for work would be so exciting!
—Pratibha Sareen

It was Valentine's Day last month and my boyfriend gave me the best surprise ever! He got me the Greyon Gift Box! At first, I was wondering how he ever got the idea, but later he told me his sister introduced him to Greyon Cosmetics through Instagram. I was mind-blown when I saw the beautiful packaging and all the products! Needless to say, my V-Day was rocking because I looked great and felt ever better!
—Sakshi Sharda

I was so tired of my old makeup and wanted to revamp my look with some new spring-summer colors so I placed an order for 2 offers, 'For Your Eyes Only' and 'Made For Each Other'—and I was all set for my eyes and lips. The Soft Exquisite Kajal is one of the best kajal's I've tried in a long time, it's so black and lasts the whole day! Plus, I love the Liquid Lip Gloss, it's so shiny and makes my lips so glam!
—Radha Sharma

This was my first time trying Greyon products and I absolutely loved them. I was looking forward to my friend's birthday bash but wanted to surprise everyone with my new look. So I ordered the 'It's Time To Party' offer and did a complete makeup look with the products. It's fair to say that these beauty buys made me look like a million bucks!
—Indrakshi Tandon

I just graduated from school, but until now, I wasn't sure what make up to wear to college. Lo and behold! I found the 'Campus Colors' offer on the Greyon website and knew exactly what I had to do. I ordered the products and now looking forward to university, with my makeup look on point!
—Mary Fernandez

I have dry lips through the year—whether winter or summer, and need to keep my lips moisturized all the time. When I tried the Greyon Strawberry Lip Balm, my lips felt so soft and supple, so I ended up buying the other 2 flavours—Green Apple, and Blueberry—too!
—Ayesha Khan

I'm a makeup artist and often experiment with beauty brands to find the right products for my clients. A friend of mine recommended Greyon products to me and so I thought of giving them a shot. I ordered one product from each category to try on and the results were amazing. The lip colors are so rich in pigment and long-lasting while the Kajal glides on smoothly on the eyelid. My clients loved it, so I loved it. Now I've placed an order for the entire range!
—Meera Mishra

My experience with Greyon was an accident, but one that I won't regret. It was my sister's wedding and everyone was super emotional, so I shed a tear or two and to my surprise my eye makeup made long black streaks on my cheeks. Luckily a friend spotted me and took me to the changing room where I washed my face and reapplied my makeup with the Greyon Kajal, Eyeliner, Mascara, and Matte Liquid Lip Color. Needless to say, come rain or tears, my makeup stayed intact for the entire ceremony. When they say it's water-proof they really mean it!
—Divya Seth

I'm getting married in a few months! I just came back from a trial with my makeup artist who used mainly Greyon beauty products and I am so impressed. There are so many shades of lip colors to choose from that I found my shade for each outfit. Also, their Lip Gloss is amazing and so handy, I'll be sure to carry it in my little clutch for touch ups.
—Kanika Chaudhary

I have 2 kids and work part-time from home for a banking firm. Even with a nanny, I am always, always short on time. So last month, my best friend got me the Greyon Gift Box which had me covered from eye makeup to lips. The colors are intense and lasted all day long. I no longer look like a disaster waiting to happen on my zoom calls!
—Ritu Kapoor

I am a homemaker and with this lockdown, rarely get the opportunity to go out anymore but my friends and I have regular virtual parties where we dress up and chat. I found out about Greyon through one of my best friends and we both ordered the 'Made For Each Other' promotional offer from them. I really like the Matte Liquid Lipcolor and Liquid Lip Gloss! Then we got together virtually and had a beauty contest. I won!
—Ananya Goel

Oh My God! I just discovered the Greyon Moisturising Lipstick! It's been one of the best buys of my life, the color, the soft velvety finish, and the moisturisation has given my pout a total makeover. Now I'm wondering if I should order the entire set!
—Myra Chauhan

Don't you just hate it when you buy a brand new mascara and realise that it dries up so fast, you wasted your money. Well, I've found one that keeps its promise of being water-proof and having a long shelf-life. I've been using the Greyon Mascara for a couple of months and am happy to say that it immediately makes my eyes pop, gives that definition to my lashes, curls them and makes them look longer, all without clumping or drying up in the bottle. It's as fresh as when I first bought it!
—Shivangi Sood

This birthday, apart from other gifts, my parents gave me a fixed budget to buy anything that I liked. I knew exactly what I would buy! I logged on to the Greyon website and ordered the '3 Tips For Your Lips' promotional offer with a Liquid Lip Gloss, a Lip Gloss Stick and a delicious lip balm. My lip game is ON!
—Rati Bawa

My boyfriend surprised me this Valentine's Day with loads of presents amongst which was the Greyon 'Love Is In The Air' gift box. Boy was I impressed! I asked him how he knew what shades to buy and where had heard about Greyon, and he said he came across the fabulous offer on Instagram. For once I'm not complaining about how much time he spends online!
—Riya Desai